Isla Bermeja, a Mexican territory that was ” lost ” in the Gulf of Mexico

In ancient maps there is a record of its existence near the Yucatan peninsula

In the vicinity of the Yucatan peninsula, an island recorded on old maps was “lost” in the Gulf of Mexico and it was found that there are no traces of its existence at the marked point.

This is Isla Bermeja, a territory that only exists on maps of ancient Mexico and is even marked in digital applications such as Google Maps and Google Earth.

Also named as Islote Bermejo, the place that should be found 100 kilometers northwest of the Yucatan Peninsula was declared non-existent by researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) after an expedition in which the island was not found.

Photo: Google Earth

In 2009 seven university entities carried out an expedition aboard the ship Justo Sierra to search the territory at the coordinates indicated on the maps. In addition, historical and cartographic analysis was carried out and after several days of work, it was concluded that there is no evidence to suggest the real existence of Isla Bermeja.

“The bathymetry -study of the sea depths with ultrasound-, allowed to establish, he indicated, that the island does not exist and that neither marine vestiges or inferences of its possible location were found in those coordinates”, published the UNAM at that time.

The disappearance of the island has generated various theories, among which the possible disappearance of the piece of land due to a tsunami or the destruction of the place by the United States to have more nautical miles in its territory and thus be able to exploit the deposits. tankers.

However, there are those who claim that its appearance on the maps is due to a cartographic error that was replicated in all old maps.

The mystery of the island’s existence and its appearance on Google Maps has caused some jokes on the platform. Users have left comments assuring that they know the place.

Photo: Google Maps 
Photo: Google Maps 


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