What is the USD/PESO exchange rate July 10, 2021


Sell ​​or buy dollars? Check what the price of the US dollar is and check where you can buy them or who gives you more for them.

Mexico.- The US dollar loses a bit of ground, the  Bank of Mexico has updated today the exchange rate for this currency that is again below the Benito Juárez banknote, here we will tell you where you can buy them or who you give more for your them this Saturday, July 10.

Financial entities set the exchange rate at 19.8572 pesos and today they buy the dollar at 19.6369 and sell it at 19.6369 pesos.

So, if you have a trip planned and need to buy dollars for your vacation or if you need to sell some dollars that you had saved, check where they offer you a better price and go to whoever suits you best.

Mexico Daily Post