Vaccination Certifications can be downloaded online in Mexico


On July 6, Mexico’s Ministry of Health launched a website where everyone who has completed their Covid-19 vaccination schedule can obtain an official certificate. This document makes it easy to verify one’s vaccination status simply by scanning a QR code either on their smartphones or from a paper copy downloaded from the national vaccination portal.

During Tuesday morning’s press conference, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, reported that the official website is now available to obtain said certification, as well as for Covid-19 vaccination registration. (Open to all adults over 18 years of age.)

If you have already been vaccinated, it’s easy to get your Covid-19 Certificate. All you need is your CURP and the email address you used for vaccination registration.

Here’s how it works:

1. Enter the official website:
Note: As the site was just launched, and almost 20 million people have already been fully vaccinated, overload is possible and problems could occur. Be patient and keep trying!

2. Enter your CURP and the email address you used for vaccination registration.
Note: This page does NOT work if the browser’s translation feature is on, you MUST use it in Spanish.

3. Once the registration is complete, the Certificate will be sent to your email address.

4. The email includes two links, the first one is a QR code that contains information about the dose(s) you received (the vaccine’s manufacturer, lot number, etc.) and the date(s) on which you were vaccinated.

5. The second link is only in case the information is not correct; there you can enter the correct data contained on the registration form that you used to get your vaccinations.

Lopez-Gatell explained that this document is especially useful to those who have the need or opportunity to travel to other countries, since some maintain restrictions for unvaccinated people. The QR code allows real-time verification by any immigration authority from the Mexican Government’s database.

Source: Gobierno de Mexico

Mexico Daily Post