Rafa, a blind Mexican mountaineer and his friends make history

Mexican mountaineer Rafa Jaime

Rafa Jaime is blind, along with his mountaineering friends have reached the top of Denali, the highest mountain in North America located in Alaska.

When there is desire, desire and determination, the impossible simply does not exist.

An example of this is the story of Rafa Jaime, who is blind, and Omar Álvarez, friends and mountaineers who reached the top of Denali, the highest mountain in North America located in Alaska, in the United States of America.

“Mount Denali … It is considered the coldest mountain in the world … the mountain is less than 390 kilometers from the Arctic Circle and this practically speaks of an expedition where the climate is extreme … You have to cross the entire mountain carrying approximately 50 , 60 kilograms for each one of us “, said Omar Álvarez, mountaineer  

Rafa made history as the first blind Mexican to climb the also known Mount McKinley.

“… I think that at the end of the day life is about adaptation, a constant in human life is change and in the face of change we have to adapt, I lost my sight 15 years ago and I had to adapt to these circumstances and therefore if I wanted to have a normal life, if I wanted to do this kind of thing I had to adapt to all this … “.

“… I think we cannot be confused with the fear of saying that it is dangerous, obviously all situations lead to a risk, but we must find a way to do things …” said Rafael Jaime, a mountaineer.

Mount Denali

The project to which this feat belongs is part of “Cordadas obscuras”, the expedition lasted 19 days.

“… Although it sounds kind of funny or funny, but at the end of the day sometimes I don’t see the gaps or the ravines or the slopes where I am standing, I think it is an advantage factor for me because I am not scared and my movements can be more exact … “, he added

“… I always say as a joke that if I saw where we are, I think I would never go with me anymore …”, said Omar Álvarez, a Mexican mountaineer

But this is only the beginning Rafa and Omar are going up the biggest mountain in the world.

“… Of course this is a very important year because it is the prelude to how well what follows next year says, which is to reach the highest mountain not only in Asia but in the entire world that is Mount Everest is the next project that Rafa and I have… “, he added.

Together they seek to become the first Ibero-American rope with a blind member who completes the Seven Summits project, which consists of conquering the 7 highest mountains on each continent … 

“… And this is not only a message for people with disabilities or for men or for mountaineers; it is for women; for ‘chavorrucos’ for women; for young people for; whoever, for people who want to climb mountains not only mountains of snow and rock the mountains that we live every day in our daily lives, family, work, health, economy, society, those are the mountains that we have to raise… “, he added.

With a clear conviction, the two friends will continue fighting to show that dreams are fulfilled.

Source: Excelsior

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