American citizen dressed as a police officer arrested in Playa del Carmen


PLAYA DEL CARMEN, QUINTANA ROO (July 6, 2021).- A 22-year-old American citizen was arrested in Playa del Camen’s Villa Magna subdivision by agents of the Municipal Police of Solidaridad, for alleged usurpation of functions, as he was disguised as a policeman in a suspicious vehicle.

Municipal agents went to Avenida Universidades on the corner with Avenida Tecnológico, after a civilian reported to 911 the presence of a vehicle with “suspicious people inside” parked in front of his home. The police officers saw that a car with several people, including this foreigner, was parked in this place, so they approach the car to ask the driver for his license and registration.

Patrick “N”

This person sitting in the driver’s seat, later identified as Patrick “N”, was a 6 feet 5 inches tall American citizen, dressed in a police uniform, including a shirt with the legend “City Police”, as well as a baton, ballistic vest, black cap with a badge with the legend “Police”, as well as a plaque with the legend “City Police” on it too.

The foreigner was questioned about this clothing, without being able to give a convincing answer, for which he was arrested and taken to the Public Security detention facility, before being handed over to the State Attorney General’s Office.

Source: Noticaribe

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