Rains affect more than 70 homes in Zumpango for the second time in two weeks


Zumpango, Estado de México (July 5, 2021).- Residents of various neighborhoods affected by the floods in Zumpango ask for a definitive solution, which would be to connect them to the deep drainage.

More than 70 homes were already severely affected by the rains this weekend in Zumpango, State of Mexico, where the water reached more than 60 centimeters high for the second time that it has occurred in at least two weeks.

These are the Villas Zumpango, La Rinconada, La Laguna, and Cadu colonies, which according to the neighbors, the drainage is not connected to the deep drainage and a little rain is enough for the drainage to overflow and the black water begins to come out.

In addition to this, they run the risk that when they leave, they may find an open drain or a hole on the road and an accident occurs, in addition to the diseases that can be acquired when entering the black water.

It is worth mentioning that in the Villas de Zumpango area, on Monday afternoon two cargo trucks were working, when there is usually only one, while in the rest of the affected neighborhoods they did not send a single truck.

According to the neighbors, what is needed is a definitive solution, since every rainy season is practically the same and their property is lost again.

Rains cause flooding in subdivisions of Zumpango, Edomex

Dozens of families have had material losses after five days of flooding the streets of their subdivisions in Zumpango, State of Mexico.

With buckets in hand, inhabitants of the Rinconada de la Laguna, Villa de la Laguna, and Cadu subdivisions tried to get the water out of their houses as the heavy rains flooded them.

The constant rains that fell in the Mexican territory caused dozens of homes to be affected and in some of them, the level exceeded half a meter in height.

Source: ADN 40

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