Opposition parties criticize Lopez Obrador for his latest annual report


Opposition leaders point out that President López Obrador is lying in his activity reports.

After the tenth report of the activities of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the opposition parties criticized AMLO’s management and assured that the federal president has dedicated to spreading lies.

The president of the PAN, Marko Cortés, pointed out that with Morena, Mexico has had a decline in unemployment for three years; Femicides on the rise, uncontrolled violence, shortages of medicines, as well as an increase in corruption, in the prices of gasoline, electricity and the price of basic food products.

“Enough of excuses and more excuses, enough of just blaming the past. They have already spent half a six-year term full of lies, destruction and unfulfilled promises. It is time to correct the course. We demand that the opposition’s proposals be heard, we demand a change to the government,” said the PAN member.

The PAN pointed out that, “for the third consecutive year, AMLO’s report spreads lies and false data, just as he has done daily in his morning press conference.”

He added: “Lopez Obrador is a President who governs alone, who does not take into account his cabinet or the state leaders of other political parties, that does not listen to the opposition that was elected by millions of Mexicans and shows no interest in the most urgent causes in the country, such as the health of citizens and children with cancer ”.

Meanwhile, the leader of the PRD, Jesús Zambrano, pointed out that the federal president is lying when he says that 72% of the people who participated in a survey conducted by his government responded that they want him to end his administration in 2024.

“Do not lie, Mr. President, 72.4% of citizens do not endorse your government, you are disappointed, insecurity and the crisis have overwhelmed you. Your López Obrador report does not correspond to the reality. You live in your own reality! Genocidal Government 3 years going backward, “he wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the PRI wrote on its Twitter account: “Today Mexico has a government that gives more reports than results.”

They also published that three years after López Obrador won the presidency of Mexico, women have been the most attacked, as violence against them has increased by 14% during the AMLO administration.

“The ally they promised to become, is now their worst enemy. For this reason, from the PRI, we will continue to implement initiatives to promote and protect women,” the party spread on Twitter.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has issued a total of 10 reports during a three-year period, and the cost to organize these events adds up to 11.7 million pesos.

Source: Forbes Mexico

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