Former Morena candidate shot to death in Tihuatlán, Veracruz


Nicanor Martínez Olguín, Morena’s former alternate candidate for the municipal presidency of Tihuatlán, Veracruz, was shot to death while in his vehicle outside his home, on June 30th.

The events took place on Wednesday night, outside the former candidate’s home, located on Primero de Mayo Street, in the Insurgentes neighborhood, in the municipality of Tihuatlán.

According to local media, at the time of the events, Morena’s former candidate was accompanied by his wife, who was injured during the attack by an armed group.

After the events, authorities implemented an operation to find those responsible and implemented a shielding of the northern area of Veracruz, in its border with the state of Tamaulipas.

In addition to being in the ranks of Morena, Martínez Olguín, who was known in the region for working in the fields and raising cattle, was an alternate federal representative for the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

Source: Excelsior

Veracruz Daily Post