What’s happening with USD/PESO Exchange Rate Today July 1st


The Bank of Mexico and other financial entities established the exchange rate for this day, consult it and verify who gives you more per dollar

Mexico .- If this Thursday, July 1, if you are going to sell, buy, or acquire products or services at a dollar price, first check how the exchange rate was established and play it safe; the US currency starts the month with movements.

The Bank of Mexico published in the Official Gazette of the Federation the exchange rate to settle obligations denominated in foreign currency payable in the Mexican Republic by which this day will be governed and which is $ 19.9062 MN, higher than $ 19.8157 MN, registered the previous day

Financial entities set the exchange rate at 19.8681 and today they buy in dollars at 19.6485 and sell it at 20.0877 pesos; in the week it gains 0.29, in the month 0.05%; in the quarter 0.06%, and so far this year 0.4 percent.

So if you are going to buy or sell your greenbacks, first check where they offer you a better price and go to whoever suits you best. If you want to know which bank or finance company gives you more or fewer pesos per dollar, check the following table. 

Photo: Peso-dollar exchange rate set by financial institutions for today July 1 in Mexico

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