What do Mexicans REALLY think about foreigners?


By La Karencita

What do Mexicans really think about foreigners in their country? A lot of expats in Mexico are concerned about their impact on local communities so I went out and asked real Mexicans what they think about foreigners.

We all know that a lot of Mexican people migrate to the United States and sometimes they face discrimination and racism. But is the situation the same in Mexico with the expats that come to live here and the tourists that travel in Mexico? In this video, you will hear the true opinion of real Mexican people.

I also want to share an interesting story about Mexican attitudes towards foreigners and the concept of Malinchismo. This is the phenomenon of people considering things and people from other countries to be superior to things from their own. This word comes from the name of a woman, La Malinche. Please let me know what you think about her story.

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