Los Cabos hotel sector prepared to safeguard 20 thousand tourists due to “Enrique”


They activated their Contingency Plan through the Safety Committee to inform guests about the trajectory of the tropical storm and the announcements of the International Airport 

The Los Cabos hotel sector said it was prepared to protect 20,000 tourists from the proximity of tropical storm Enrique, as reported by the executive president of the AHLC, Lilzzi Orci.

President of the Hotel Association

He reported that the Association has already activated its Contingency Plan and through its Security Committee they are in contact with the Civil Protection authorities, monitoring the trajectory of the meteorological phenomenon to inform tourists and take due precautions.

He indicated that all the information is being provided to the guests who are in the destination, who will be well protected during the critical stage and closer to Los Cabos.

He mentioned that as a result of the start of the 2021 cyclonic season on May 15, the Hotel Association, through the Security Committee, installed its contingency plan, participating in a meeting with all the authorities that have to do with these meteorological phenomena and they are in constant communication following Enrique’s trajectory.

Los Cabos is already on yellow alert and pending the evolution of the tropical storm, they continue in constant communication with authorities and with the Los Cabos International Airport to check possible flight cancellations and keep tourists informed, so far without any changes in the operation of the air terminal.

He also indicated that those hotels that have the facility already have their convention centers installed and certified as temporary shelters and they also already have the list of temporary shelters by the municipality that the entire security and human resources department has to identify which ones. They are the closest for employees to all those who live in risk areas.

He indicated that they take special care for the personnel who live in high-risk areas and all the information is also given to the tourist regarding the evolution of the cyclone and especially so that they avoid going to the beaches due to high waves and in case There is a sea in the background, it is constant coordination with Zofemat and all the authorities related to an event of this nature.

For the moment everything is quiet in the hotel sector of Los Cabos and providing timely information to guests, and with the facilities to use if necessary and protect visitors.

Tropical storm Enrique would not affect Los Cabos and other tourist destinations in Baja California

Tropical storm Enrique drifted east of the tip of the Baja California peninsula, in Mexico, and will not directly impact tourist resorts in the area, amid forecasts that it will weaken to a tropical depression at some point on Wednesday.

The maximum sustained winds of Enrique fell to 65 km / h (40 mph) on Tuesday night, barely tropical storm, said the National Hurricane Center of the United States. Its vortex was about 80 miles (130 km) northeast of Cabo San Lucas, at the southern tip of Baja, and was moving northwest at 12 mph (19 km / h).

The Baja California Sur authorities closed the ports of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo to small vessels, as well as those of Los Barriles and La Paz. Los Cabos municipal authorities prepared to set up shelters in the event of flooding. Forecasters expect the storm to dump 1 to 2 inches (2 to 5 centimeters) of rain across the state, with isolated peaks of up to 4 inches (10 centimeters).

Enrique became the first hurricane of the Pacific season on Saturday, but remained at sea as it passed Cabo Corrientes, on Mexico’s southwestern coast, on Sunday, before heading for Baja California.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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