Tepotzotlán Pueblo Mágico features a seventeenth-century majestic colonial building (VIDEO)


Tepotzotlán is a town and municipal seat of the homonymous municipality in the State of Mexico.

The municipality is part of the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico. Located 43.5 km northwest of downtown Mexico City.

Its main tourist attraction is the National Museum of the Viceroyalty, which uses as infrastructure what was the Jesuit College of San Martín and San Francisco Javier, it is worth mentioning that this building was built between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, exclusively by members of the Society of Jesus, as well as the temple of San Pedro Apóstol. In addition, it is listed as a Magical Town of Mexico.

The name of Tepotzotlán is of Nahuatl origin; It is composed of the words tepōtzohtli, “hunchback” and tlan, “Place near or next to” The translation would be “The place next to the hunchbacks”, probably alluding to the fact that this place is located in front of some hills that look like humps.

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