Playa del Carmen: Permits sought for expansion of Playa del Secreto tourist development


The private initiative in the Riviera Maya contemplates an investment of 66 million dollars

The investment of the private initiative in the Riviera Maya continues with the management of permits for the expansion of the Playa del Secreto tourist development, where an investment of 66 million dollars is contemplated.

Playa del Secreto riviera maya

If approved, the promoters of said construction will create 382 direct jobs during the construction of the complex. According to the issuance of an Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) by a promoter before the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), they seek to build 433 more hotel rooms in said area north of Playa del Carmen.

This is the project ” Operation and Construction of Complementary Works for the Playa del Secreto Hotel & Resort Tourism Development “, whose promoter is the variable capital stock company “Valentín Playa del Secreto”.

The project consists of the construction of a hotel tourism development, located on Federal Highway 307, at kilometer 311 + 500, on land owned by the aforementioned promoter.

” The project will not only provide the lodging service, but also recreational activities to encourage the client to recreate in the company of nature, immersed in the ecological diversity of its environment, which is intended to conserve due to its biotic and abiotic richness”, he says punctually the MIA.

This is one of the largest projects in recent months, just when the pandemic has had a negative impact, mainly because in the region there has been a certain pause in the issuance of MIA documents with which the promoters seek to carry out plant removals with adherence to current environmental legislation.

In the case of this, the promoter plans to build, in case he obtains the federal permits, 433 hotel rooms, which will be added to the 540 rooms of the Valentín Imperial hotel, which has been operating for more than a decade on the property of more of 40 hectares.


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