Baseball, the second religion of Oaxaca


OAXACA. – The Great Game is an exhibition by the master Amador Montes at the Museum of Philately of Oaxaca.

A small tribute to this sport that he considers to be the second religion in Oaxaca, said Itamar Martínez, in charge of the guided tour at the MUFI.

This space, which was opened to the public with strict security measures, installed a room in which they show the process of creating the official camisole of Los Guerreros de Oaxaca.

It will be open until September 14, which is when the season of the game that Oaxacans enjoy ends.

The great game, by Amador Montes, exhibits sketches, part of the research he carried out to create the anniversary camisole for Los Guerreros and some of the pieces that will later be on sale.

In addition, he takes up one of the religious figures such as the shell candles from Teotitlán del Valle, which he made in the shape of a bat, as it is a way of showing “the almost religious part that many families have towards baseball.”

There are paintings, collages, postage stamps, lithographs, everything related to baseball.

The squares are even placed so that they resemble the diamond, the shape of baseball stadiums.

The philately museum is located in Constitución 201, almost on the corner with Reforma, in the historic center of the city of Oaxaca.


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