Tequila, Jalisco: a journey to the cradle of the most iconic Mexican drink (VIDEO)


We are all major Tequila fans, we might even go as far as saying it’s our favorite liquor!  Serve us up a margarita loaded with some tequila and we are in heaven. So of course when in Guadalajara we couldn’t miss the opportunity to go straight to the source. We visited Tequila, Jalisco the birthplace of Tequila and will rave about it for a while.

We’ve been on tequila tours before in Cancun and Mazatlan, but we were able to experience more than just a tasting here. We give a rough guide to follow, from how to get there to where to go, how much it costs and what to expect.

Feel free to use this guide for your next trip to TEQUILA! We eat breakfast overlooking the beautiful Church and then drink quite a bit of Tequila. There are two distilleries that we visit in today’s vlog and we would recommend them to all our friends and family! We had an amazing experience, but watch the vlog to see for yourself!

Have you been to Tequila before?

Do you even drink Tequila? Tell us your craziest memory of drinking Tequila in the comments, I’m sure this will be interesting! If you’re going the bus route like we did, you can look up times and buy your tickets online here: https://www.tequilaplus.com/

Here is the location of the bus station in Guadalajara: https://goo.gl/maps/jdn9LfMXhrKEE1HC6

Here is the location of the bus station in Tequila: https://goo.gl/maps/UnTkSL79a8JWJin8A

You do need to set up a tour to visit both distilleries so check out their websites below! Our first stop La Alborada. You can check out the tour options they provide and see if you’d like to add to the experience that we had. Just contact them through the CONTACTO page: http://www.licormorin.com/tequila-tou…

The second tasting and tour that we did was with, Tequila Fortaleza. You can look through their website if you’d like more information before booking a tour, and then book through their contact sheet: http://tequilafortaleza.com/contact/

If you want to go the tour route here are some tours to check out. A full day Tequila tour from Guadalajara: http://tidd.ly/e2b9526a

The Jose Cuervo Express train tour: http://tidd.ly/edc61234

The Tequila Heradura Express train tour: http://tidd.ly/8a2593c3

Source: YouTube

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