Up to 20 permits to build requested per day in Mazatlan


In the port there is enough infrastructure and feasibility of services for vertical growth, says head of Planning

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – To date, the Directorate of Planning for Sustainable Urban Development of the municipality of Mazatlan receives up to 20 applications for permission to build either homes, condominiums, towers, expand buildings and houses or land use licenses, reported the head of this agency, Jorge Estavillo Kelly.

The municipal official said there is enough urban infrastructure at the port for vertical growth.

He commented that to date, 10 towers are under construction on Del Mar Avenue and as many others on The Sábalo-Cerritos, in the Camarón-Sábado of the Golden Zone, and on Peche Rice or Pacific Avenue.

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He said that with the operation of the Miravalles water treatment plant, which provides more water to the city, the supply is guaranteed so that the urban development that is taking place in the city has public services.

“If this were not the case, the Urban Development Directorate would not be able to issue any new construction permits, because among the requirements we ask for the feasibility of drinking water, sewerage or drainage services, electricity by the CFE and other things,” Expressed.

He noted that there is an impressive trend of vertical development and growth of the city, especially in the construction of small and tall towers.

“There’s a lot of tower development, that’s good for the city because you make the most of the already developed areas of the city in terms of infrastructure, and there’s enough infrastructure.” 

He indicated that as long as he, as director of Planning, is presented with a project that meets all the requirements, he will have no problem giving permits so that the urban development of Mazatlan continues to take place, especially in an orderly manner.

He said that the areas with the greatest development and potential in Mazatlan at the moment are Cerritos, the entire Peche Rice Avenue, The Camarón Sábalo, Del Mar Avenue and the Historic Center.

Antiguas casas del centro histórico, en el abandono

“Also, in the Historic Center there is a lot of development, abandoned buildings are being rescued that did not contribute anything to the city, that did not pay property and presented a significant deterioration and gave a bad image; now they are being rescued, and that apart from the fact that it will generate employment, when they are finished, they will generate more taxes and they will bring to the city more resources to be able to continue investing in infrastructure”, Added.

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He mentioned that there are projects on the doorstep that will bring great appeal for their novelty to this tourist destination, such as a subdivision that includes towers with an ecological development on Peche Rice Avenue, which was just authorized two months ago.

Head of Planning and Urban Development ensures that there is enough infrastructure in Mazatlan for vertical growth.

“Those towers come in conjunction with an ecological development that will bring a new attraction to Mazatlan, it is something new. The entrepreneur wants to look for new things to contribute and make a difference against his competition”.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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