AMLO announces “Who is who” to exhibit the “lies” of the week


The President once again attacked the information media, which he described as “disinformation” media.

In order to avoid false news, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that during the morning conferences a “Who’s who” in lies will be presented, to expose those who promote them.

“I anticipate that we are going to have one day, not the whole conference, but we are going to invite someone from the Government to explain us about the lies of the week, as well as ‘Who is who’ in the prices on Monday, we are going to here is a ‘Who’s who’ in the lies of the week”.

The president indicated that he has not yet defined the official in charge of that information, but said that false news will be released every week.

After some sports journalists assured that one of their children would be interested in acquiring the Cruz Azul soccer team, López Obrador denied this news, which was also clarified by the sports club.

“Slander when it does not stain, smudge,” he expressed and attacked the media, which he described as “disinformation” media.

Last Sunday, June 20, the sports commentator and driver, Luis Fernando Ortiz, published on his Twitter account that, according to a source of his, “which is very very close to the celestial institution”, the Cruz Azul would become the property of one of López Obrador’s sons.


Mexico Daily Post