Michoacan’s Coahuayana region declared disaster zone due to Dolores Tropical Storm


The damage caused by tropical storm Dolores in its passage through Michoacán was of great impact, leading the municipal authorities of the Coahuayana region, in the state, to request the governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo, to declare the coastal municipality a disaster area.

Mayor Roberto Nevárez himself, through a letter sent to the Governor of Michoacán, urgently and immediately requested that the region be declared a disaster area, considering that the magnitude of the damage exceeds the possibilities of the Municipal Government to support the general population.

Mayor Nerváez’s requirements to the government of Michoacán are:
Construction material
Water and food supplies

The reports indicate that the strong winds and torrential rains caused floodings and severe damage to houses in the municipal seat, as well as serious harm to urban and economic infrastructure such as tourism and the countryside, including banana crops that were destructed up to 60 percent.

It should be remembered that different areas of Michoacán were affected, such as Uruapan, where several areas were flooded; regions such as Aquila or Arteaga had landslides on the roads; the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas had streams overflowing and infrastructure damage.

Currently, the localities of Zapotán, Santa María Miramar, El Chorumo, La Palmita, El Parotal, and El Saucito, have reported that they do not have electricity, while other areas northeast of Coahuayana report telephone service failures.

Source: Excelsior

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