Benito Juárez University in Chenalhó Chiapas offers Free Agroforestry Engineering degree


Students are invited to study Agroforestry Engineering at the Benito Juárez University located in the municipality of Chenalhó

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas.- Sergio Zapata, academic coordinator of the degree in Agroforestry Engineering at the Benito Juárez University located in the municipality of Chenalhó, invited the general public to register for free and obtain a scholarship granted by the Federal government.

In an interview, he said that at the national level there are 140 universities that are already operating throughout the country with a wide diversity of careers ranging from medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, aquaculture, cultural heritage, among others. In Chiapas there are 14 schools distributed in municipalities such as Bella Vista, Las Margaritas, Ocotepec, Ostuacán, Pantepec, Salto de Agua, Teopisca, Chenalhó, Ocosingo, Chilón, Escuintla, Palenque, Venustiano Carranza.

“The intention of the Federal Government is to bring the universities to the people, that they are in the poorest communities and municipalities of Mexico and we all have the opportunity to do a university degree, finally the universities are close, we must take advantage of this great opportunity, all they can study, a person of 50, 60 years can enter, there is space for everyone”, he commented.

Likewise, he said that all those who register will have a scholarship, in addition to employment opportunities in federal programs such as Sembrando Vida, “what this type of program requires is precisely people who know the indigenous language and culture and its environment, they have a fairly large field of work in government programs, but also within their communities”.

Regarding infrastructure, he said that a building is being built in all the campuses, “in some we have already built the necessary spaces for the students that we have now and in others we are starting, but all have their own space, there is a donation many sometimes by the Municipal Presidencies, starting from there the construction begins”.

In the case of the university in Chenalhó, he pointed out that they have students enrolled until the fifth semester, since they have been operating for almost three years, “at this time the call is open in Chenalhó and throughout the Republic, you can consult information on the http: // , there are the data.

“We want them to register, we have good quality classrooms, auditoriums, we are building a library and in the process the construction of a dining room, we already have the facilities to receive all the students who register, anyone can enter with a scholarship and not It has tuition fees, it is important to emphasize it, the same Federal Government from the Benito Juárez or Young Writing the Future scholarships, they have a permanent scholarship from the beginning until the end of the degree ”, he concluded.


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