AMLO government betrays the Nicaragua people


Mexico has shielded itself, cowardly and cunningly, behind a fearful interpretation of the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries to betray the democratic aspiration of the Nicaraguan people. Instead of supporting popular demand for free and democratic elections, Mexico has sided with the tyrant and his wife who imprison and murder their opponents.

The position of the Mexican government adopted before the Organization of American States (OAS), jointly with the Argentine government, to refuse to condemn a repressive government, resorting to a legal argument to evade condemnation of the Nicaraguan government, is inexplicable. continue to show off its support for “leftist governments” in Latin America, such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba. All of them governments with strong authoritarian signs. And of doubtful affiliation to the left.

In order not to speak ill of the tyrant, Mexico resorts to the abused and tainted expedient of declaring in favor of “non-intervention in the affairs of other countries.” Great way to evade its responsibility as a government that presumes itself democratic and defends human rights, inside and outside its territory. As is done with migrants from Central America and beyond.

Support for a regime that has imposed terror as a method of government is also inexplicable. What does Mexico gain from this conduct in the international sphere?

It becomes a country considered as one lacking democratic principles, by the majority of the nations that are members of the international system, together with its already prominent disqualification due to the lack of commitment to the climate change agenda and also due to its evident inclination to associate with organized crime as a strategic ally in the governance of the country.

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Nicaragua is another example, as if they were necessary, of Mexico’s loss of direction in its relationship with the rest of the world. Supporting the Dictator Ortega and his wife, as a tyrannical and perverse dumbbell that they are, speaks very badly of Mexico to the world. Or is it that our leaders feel faithfully reflected in the actions and policies of the Nicaraguan tyrant?

Ricardo Pascoe Pierce


Mexico Daily Post