Tragedy at sea! Two drownings in Mazatlan


In two different events, a man and a woman drowned on the beaches of Mazatlán

Mazatlan Sinaloa. This Saturday two people lost their lives drowned in different events that occurred on the beaches of Mazatlán.

a 25-year-old girl, apparently a tourist and identified by the name of Jazmín “N”, drowned on the beaches located in front of Estrella del Mar, in Mazatlán her companion named Irving was transferred to a hospital for medical attention. 

According to the report, two people went to bathe in that area, away from the lifeguards, when suddenly the current dragged them out to sea.

Muere mujer ahogada en Mazatlán

While Jasmine “N” was lost in the water, and when she was located by elements of the Navy, she no longer showed vital signs.

Hours later, a man from the city of Culiacán lost his life drowned on the beaches of Mazatlán, and although an attempt was made to revive him by relief and rescue bodies, it was not possible and he died.

It was said that the deceased today was living with a group of friends when he suddenly entered the sea and had difficulties to get out, and not only he, but also two other people.

Elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad went into the water to help them, and although they managed to rescue the three people, one lost his life minutes later in a well-known clinic in the town.


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