Proposal to build a ‘Disneyland’ of ‘La Gran Tenochtitlán’ made to AMLO


A reporter from Estrella TV Los Angeles was the one who made the curious proposal.

MEXICO.- At the morning conference this Friday at the National Palace , Galdino Martínez , who identified himself as a reporter for Estrella TV Los Angeles, proposed to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to build “La Gran Tenochtitlán” where the airport project in Texcoco, which “would function as a Disneyland type .”

At the beginning of the question and answer session, the morning attendant told López Obrador that with this project in Texcoco money could be raised, in addition that it would be a very important part for tourism .

 “The meaning of rebuilding that nation is a little deeper, it  would be important to unearth it with our own hands and be able to do it in that place because of the characteristics it has; you can put the canoes , its streets, its temples .

“If a prophecy in those years tied Moctezuma’s hands; it said that what should have happened, happened, and that’s how it happened, I also believe that there is another that is from his land, because it says that in 2012 the fifth era begins or the fifth sun, and you go in the fourth “, expressed the representative of Estrella TV Los Angeles .

n this regard, President López Obrador pointed out that there is a team that is working on “the proper use of all those lands” where the Texcoco airport was going to be built, which is going to be a protected natural area.

The president asked to analyze Galdino Martínez’s proposal “because there is a lot of surface area and lakes are being recovered and recreation and sports areas are going to be created.”

“What you are raising is not ruled out,” he said.

 “The most difficult thing is the activity that is going to take place there, because the shows and shows are going to take place according to the era, if this is done, but of course, it is just a dream ,” said the assistant in the morning .


Mexico Daily Post