4,253 new Covid cases registered in Mexico in one day


Due to the occurrence of 168 deaths, in our country, deaths from covid-19 rose to 230,792.

The accumulated confirmed cases of covid-19 increased to 2 million 467 thousand 643 due to the report of 4 thousand 253 new infections.

There are 26 thousand 216 active cases and one million 964 thousand 300 people who have recovered from the disease.

Nationally, the occupancy in regular hospital beds is 16 percent and in beds with a respirator is 14 percent.

The Ministry of Health reported that as of June 16, a total of 38 million 633 thousand 462 doses have been applied against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which were administered to 26 million 886 thousand 856 people, which is equivalent to 30 per percent of all adults in the country.

Currently, 15 million 551 thousand 250 people already have the complete vaccination scheme and 11 million 335 thousand 606 have a half scheme.

The three entities with the highest number of vaccinated adults are Mexico City, Zacatecas and Yucatán.

From December 23 to June 17, our country has received 49 million 066 thousand 815 vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Source: Excelsior

Mexico Daily Post