Mexico’s boxing living legend Julio Cesar Chávez to face Macho Camacho Jr. in last exhibition fight of his career


The mythical Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez will face his last fight against the son of Héctor “Macho” Camacho in a very special boxing night where he shares the ring with his two sons, and you watch the fight on Saturday, June 19th, on TV Azteca.

Julio César Chávez will face Héctor “Macho” Camacho Jr. this Saturday, June 19 at the Jalisco Stadium, it should be remembered that in 1992 “The boxing legend” defeated the father of his challenger today in an anthology fight.

A few days ago, the press conference was held prior to the fight with the presence of both boxers. Things got out of control and the press conference ended up with shoves, insults, and threats.

You think you are the fighter you used to be years ago, the one who used to knock out rivals, the one who defeated Macho Camacho, but those days are long gone, you are an old man now, you cannot fight the same way you did years ago. What you did is in the past now, you are done now,” said Macho Camacho Jr. to the face of Julio Cesar.

Julio Cesar Chávez just said that the son has a mouth as big as the father’s, and declared that he is going to give him the beating of a lifetime.

"This old man is going to kick your ass like nobody has never done in your life, you'll see on Saturday, because you disrespected me" Julio Cesar Chavez concluded.

The show starts at 8:00 pm on Saturday, June 19th, with the two sons of “The Legend”; Julio César Chávez Jr. that will face mixed martial arts star Anderson Silva; and the youngest of the Chávez, Omar, who will face Ramón “Inocente” Álvarez from Guadalajara for the third time (Inocente is the brother of boxing superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez)

“I feel very happy with this event that is taking place in Guadalajara, I am working hard to have a great fight. My father told me many stories about El “Macho”, he says he was a very good boxer, “said the youngest of the Chávez.

Source: UNO TV

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