Guadalajara’s vertical real estate market is now comparable to CDMX: CANACO

Raúl Uranga, president of Canaco Guadalajara, real estate congress

While the vertical real estate market fell 15% nationally and 46% in Mexico City, in Guadalajara it rose 5% in the last 15 months amid the health emergency.

At the Western Real Estate Congress, the president of the Guadalajara National Chamber of Commerce, Raúl Uranga, highlighted that the same number of vertical units is already sold in the Metropolitan Area as in Mexico City.

Although the pandemic did not affect the sale of vertical complexes in the city, it did modify the demand, clarified the president of CANACO Guadalajara.

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Raúl Uranga ruled out that the rapid vertical growth of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area will generate a saturation of basic services, such as the supply of drinking water.

The Real Estate Congress is organized by the Real Estate Section of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce to promote training in the sector.

Source: UDG TV

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