42% of Mexicans perceived that organized crime influenced the midterm election

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 06JUNIO2021.- Luego de una jornada electoral de 10 horas, los funcionarios de casilla cierran el punto para emitir los votos para realizar el conteo final de los mismos, al cual llegan tras ir boleta por boleta para obtener el resultado más certero. FOTO: DANIEL AUGUSTO /CUARTOSCURO.COM

In the last midterm elections on June 6, 42% of Mexicans perceived the intervention of organized crime in the process, reported national electoral observation organizations.

According to the preliminary conclusions of the national electoral observation organizations, organized crime was present in at least 30% of the national territory during the election day, said Laura Becerra Pozo from Self-management Development, Education and Culture.

Criminal organizations sought to influence, above all, the elections of mayors in various regions of the country, to guarantee control of certain strategic points for criminal activities.

“What we found is that organized crime is looking for direct relations with the municipal governments in the different states, through corrupt pacts with the authorities ”, indicated Beatriz Camacho.

“What we have found, for example, that they finance campaigns, they obtain control over the winning candidates, and then the criminal groups receive their money back through government contracts and “favors” from the municipal presidents,” Camacho concluded.

Source: Excelsior

Mexico Daily Post