Governor of Durango emphasizes importance of the T-MEC (USMCA) Corridor project


The Governor of Durango, José Rosas Aispuro Torres, met with different business chambers of the state capital to check out the progress of the T-MEC Corridor project, the industrialists and businessmen of the Laguna Region of Durango called the state governor to be considered in this work of important international projection.

It was on June 8, when Aispuro Torres met with Canacintra, Canaco, Canadevi, Cmic, Canacope, Ammje, Amexme, among others in Durango capital, who supported this project and also agreed to integrate workgroups to learn about the advantages they will have. with the broker.

The construction of the Durango – Mazatlán railway, the Gran Calado Port, the Dry Port in Durango and Lerdo, and the modernization of the Logistics Development Center (CLID), will allow the exchange of goods, not only from the Asian continent but from the United States and Canada too.

At the meeting where the Secretary of Economic Development Gustavo Kientzle Baille was also present, he explained that the project includes the construction of the Durango-Mazatlán railway, in five sections, three of them in Durango, as well as the development of a state-of-the-art port in the Sinaloa coasts, two industrial and logistics centers in the vicinity of the port.

In this regard, the president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) Gómez Palacio, Patricia Corro, pointed out that one of the objectives of the chamber is to encourage investment because as business leaders they must always bet on investment and development projects in favor of the areas of wealth, work in the Laguna Region as well as in the State.

She said that she agrees with the state president that Durango is a very good investment option for large-scale projects.

“Of course, for us, the boost that is being given to Durango and Mexico with the T-MEC corridor project is very important, this is a very ambitious project that generates investment for economic growth, and will bring benefits, among others, investment technology, know-how, development of new skills and business areas, growth of the value chain and production chains, among other points, ”he emphasized.
Given this, she added that in order to build an environment of well-being, coordinated work between government institutions, businessmen and the civil association is essential.

Therefore, they asked the Secretary of Economic Development, Gustavo Kientzle Baile, for a committed effort of openness in communication, collaboration, and, above all, to be contributors to the development of the region and therefore of the state.

“We always reiterate and at all times that they make us participate in a more active way in this type of investments that are carried out in the State and especially in our region,” Corro stressed.
She also recalled that La Laguna de Durango is an important industrial zone, since it accounts for a total of 72% of the state distribution of the total gross production of the entire state and only in Gómez Palacio, they represent 61% of this production. “We must be considered with this importance. According to figures presented by the CCI (Civic Council of Institutions) ”.

The president of Canacintra Gómez Palacio asked the Secretary of Economic Development in the State to make them participate in all kinds of economic activities and infrastructure the State requires, as she points out that the industrial and economic weight precedes them. “We have an area with all the characteristics and the willingness to grow, we need joint collaboration,” she concluded.

Source: Milenio

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