You can buy real estate for as little as $50 USD on Mexico Caribbean coast

The investment can be from a thousand pesos with an annual yield of 11 to 15 percent

Due to the profitability of the tourism and real estate sector, the tourist crowdfunding platform Monific seeks to form groups of people interested in investing in real estate developments in order to obtain attractive returns in recognized developments nationwide, including in Quintana Roo, in Bacalar, and Tulum. The investment can be made from a thousand pesos with an average annual yield of 11 to 15 percent, explains David Agmon, Monific’s director of growth.

“This is a real estate crowdfunding platform specialized in tourism, we invite people to invest in a hotel, today we have more than 11 thousand people who invest with us and the investor owns a piece of the hotel,” he said.  

He noted that the company does an analysis of the properties to ensure that the investment is viable. The hotels have an administrator and that means that investors practically do not do more than invest their money and receive the profits, which vary depending on the amount granted. The returns are distributed monthly.

“Mainly we have bet on Tulum because we know that it is the main tourist destination in Mexico, that it is in an incredible growth boom, it brings extraordinary occupations … We also bring a project in Bacalar that is already soon to be inaugurated,” said the interviewee.

Monific‘s projects are located on beaches, magical towns, and some of the main cities of the country. They are an intermediary between the owner of the hotel who wants to capitalize and the investors who want to be part of the project. “We have an average of a thousand investors per hotel and each one, depending on the amount they have invested, is the percentage of their income”, explained David Agmon.

He mentioned that this is the only tourist crowdfunding platform in the world, as there are others that focus on different segments; In Mexico, there are three other real estate platforms, but they do not focus on the tourism sector. Apart from obtaining money by investing in a hotel, there are two other ways for the member to earn: the first, inviting friends to collaborate, “instead of paying for advertising we give you five percent the first time a friend invests, then you have a referred code that you can share and if your friends join you in investing they also have five percent on their first investment ”.

The second way to win is by promoting the hotel, inviting friends and family, even they (the partners) can use a lodging invitation code, and if reservations are generated thanks to that code, the member who promoted the hotel gets 10 percent of everything your friend spends. “We are becoming a substitute or complement to platforms such as Booking, Expedia, or Airbnb and, by promoting occupancy, we make profitability higher,” said the executive.

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