Mazatlan re-elected mayor celebrates big with Los Recoditos despite covid traffic light change


Despite the fact that Sinaloa returned to yellow at the epidemiological traffic light of the federal Ministry of Health, the ‘Chemist’ Benítez ‘threw the house out the window’ and invited the general population to the great event

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – And the SARS-COV-2 virus? … It seems that he reached an agreement with Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to leave Mazatlán for a period of about four hours or rather, the euphoria of proclaiming himself the winner of the election day of the last Sunday, June 6, he was able to overcome any restriction and the health of the citizens.

And why is this said? Because despite the fact that Sinaloa returned to yellow at the epidemiological traffic light of the Federal Ministry of Health, the ‘Chemist’ Benítez ‘threw the house out the window’ and invited the general population to a great event where he celebrated his triumph to the sound of the music of the band Los Recoditos, in Mazatlán.

From before 6:00 pm on Wednesday, there was already a long line outside the parking lot of the “El Kraken” football stadium; men, women, adolescents, and children were waiting to enter. Yes, with face masks, but without respecting the healthy distance and everything, for attending a free concert.

In effect, upon entering there were personnel from Civil Protection and other Public Security areas measuring the temperature; two sanitizing cabins, and a security filter enforcing health protocols.

But, later on there were two stands distributing pizzas and soft drinks to all attendees and from then on people forget their face masks.

“We are in charge of the biosecurity operation, we are a little more than 265 elements that we are participating that includes everything that is the area of ​​Public Safety, Civil Protection and what is also the area of ​​protocols and municipal sanitation”

“…the procedure is the next; because we have what is the temperature measurement to each and every one of the attendees, from there they pass what is the sanitary filter as such, the disinfectant cabin and finally it goes to what is the body inspection “, explained the coordinator of Civil Protection, Eloy Ruíz Gastélum.

Access to the great event was free, people of all ages could enter as if there had never been a pandemic called COVID-19, which has caused great damage to the economy and caused the death of thousands of Mexicans.

“Yes, that’s what free, but controlled access is like. – Can children, men and women of all ages enter? -. Yes, because there is no restriction as such, but access is controlled, no “

What capacity will you be able to enter here?

“It is 65 percent of the usable space of this land that we are seeing here, we are talking about an average of approximately 10 to 12 thousand people,” explained Eloy Ruiz Gastelum, from PC.

In the place, the main political actors of Morena were happy, all accompanied by their families and even the Secretary of Public Security, Juan Ramón Alfaro, was dressed in civilian clothes, ready for the dance.

Despite the fact that there was controlled access, buses full of people kept arriving, and on the road, you could see how men walked with buckets or coolers full of beer to enjoy the music of Los Recoditos.


The Mazatlan Post