Mexico’s National Guard rescues more than 40 Central American migrants stranded in Tabasco


VILLAHERMOSA, Tabasco.- More than 40 migrants from different Central American countries were rescued by agents of the National Guard, after being abandoned by alleged polleros (human traffickers).

The migrants were located at kilometer 134 of the Cárdenas-Villahermosa federal highway while they were being transported in two cargo vehicles.

Among the migrants were several minors, and the pertinent investigations are already being carried out to determine their real kinship with some of the people who traveled in the units.

The National Institute of Migration was in charge of transferring the undocumented Central American migrants to the immigration offices to carry out the necessary procedures to be repatriated to their countries of origin since none of them has the documentation that guarantees their legal stay in Mexico’s national territory.

Source: Imparcial

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