Mazatlan celebrates with beach cleaning for ‘World Oceans Day’


Cigar butts and microplastics are the ones that unaware users of the different beaches of Mazatlan leave the most

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- To commemorate World Oceans Day and raise awareness of how important it is to keep them free of contamination, staff from the Mar Travels travel agency carried out a cleaning and sanitation day in some Golden Zone beaches.

María del Mar Pérez Navarro, manager of the company, informed Reacción Informativa that generally these types of days are held once a week and when there is more influx of tourism, but this time they were ahead of this day because it is celebrated on ‘ World Oceans Day ‘.

“We do not like to see the dirty beach, we do it once a week, but today because it is Oceans Day we did it today Tuesday. Today only about 10 people participated and each one gathered a garbage bag ”, he celebrated.

Pérez Navarro, said that what most gathered on this occasion were cigarette butts since the beach is upholstered with these waste and microplastics, taking into account that this type of garbage is what is most watered and is what most it affects the waters of the sea.

He asked the users of the different beaches that the port has is that if they attend, do not clean them, but do not throw waste out into the open.

“We do not ask them to clean them, simply to take the garbage they bring, both those who sit under the umbrellas and it is the locals who should do a little more conscientiously so that they set an example for tourists” , ended.


The Mazatlan Post