CIA visit a warning to AMLO


“The CIA’s agenda is everything that puts the security of the United States at risk, there is undoubtedly drug trafficking – which is operated by the DEA -, arms and people trafficking, and especially terrorism.”

His visit announced by various national media, Burns arrived in Mexico last Wednesday 26. With a half-truth or a half-lie it was communicated that the reason for the visit was to prepare the trip of Vice President Kamala Harris for June 7 and 8. However, reviewing notes and reports from other years we deduce that the director of the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) is not “advanced” every time the president or vice president leaves the country, as was announced here.

In this kind of space, it’s clearly, realizing an escalation in tensions between our country and the United States, especially regarding the shared agenda of public security and intelligence against organized crime.

I have documented since the request to the head of the State Department by twelve congressmen from the Democratic Party to investigate and draw the attention of the Mexican authorities because they consider the way in which the Armed Forces and the National Guard are used a real danger, even the letter from the Governor of Texas sent to President Biden to declare Mexico’s criminal organizations as “terrorists” and a danger to the national security of his country.

This without forgetting the statement of the head of the Northern Command before the Committee on Affairs of the Armed Forces of the Senate of the United States to the effect that between 30 and 35% of Mexico’s territory was under the control of criminal organizations

At times like the present, we need the nationalist pens of Gastón García Cantú, Gregorio Selser, and Manuel Buendía to strengthen an informational wall of resistance to the new US harassment. But faced with this need, we find another reality: the configuration of a current of Mexican miramares that emulate the commission that came to the Miramar Castle, near Trieste, Italy, to offer Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg the crown of the Mexican empire because the Mexicans had accepted that they could only be ruled by a foreign prince.

There is a long list of intellectuals, politicians, businessmen and now foreign press – it is the logic of The Economist’s text on “The False Messiah” – who today are calling for President Joseph Biden to save Mexico from the clutches of populism. But if Mexicans are not capable of building a majority that limits, limits, defeats or minimizes neopopulism, then the curse of Miramar could be fulfilled: Mexico as a colony of a European empire or as a US protectorate.

The situation of 2021 could be rebuilding the scenario of 1985 when the Ronald Reagan government, in its phase of struggle against Soviet communism, was curbing the revolutionary tendencies of Latin American guerrillas. In 1985, in the heat of the kidnapping and murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena Salazar, the far-right senator Jesse Helms had opened public hearings in the United States Senate where all the anti-Mexican officials attended to point out that Mexico was ungovernable and that it needed to enter as a USA dependency.

The political times also coincide. In 1985 the mid-term legislative elections were held, already with signs of the advance of the PAN in municipal elections in 1984 in the northern states of the republic. The intention of the White House was to promote the opposition legislative majority and from there to point to the alternation of the PAN party in the presidency of the republic. The operator of this maneuver was the American ambassador John Gavin, an actor who had participated with Reagan in a very intense way in the persecution of communist actors at the beginning of the fifties, that famous witch hunt in Hollywood that was exploded by the senator far-right Joseph McCarthy.

In that year one of the pivots against Mexico was the CIA. The story is told by Bob Woodward in his book Veil. The secret wars of the CIA: the director of the agency William Casey had ordered his manager of the Mexican table in the agency to prepare a report that posed Mexico as a corrupt, chaotic, and anti-American government, in order to underpin plans of destabilizing pressures that they looked for the presidential alternation.

The thesis of the Ayatollah Iranization of Mexico had been established in 1979 by Constantine Menges, then in charge of the Mexican affairs table at the CIA, in 1985 and director of Latin American affairs for the White House National Security Council. The text entitled “Mexico: an Iran at our doors” had been projected as a piece by Senator Helms. The head of the CIA’s Mexico desk, John Horton, who had been the agency’s station chief in Mexico, refused to comply with the order, saying that his data did not reflect that chaos. Faced with pressure, Horton resigned and revealed in an article in The Washington Post that the CIA fabricated reports to justify foreign destabilization.

The presence of the CIA in Mexico articulated with the official visit of Vice President Kamala Harris on June 8 – two days after the Mexican elections – makes no official sense because the agency is dedicated to espionage, the construction of strategic scenarios, promote coups and control security forces of other countries. Secret service and FBI agents are used for senior official tours. Consequently, the official information from the visit of the CIA director and deputy director prior to Vice President Kamala’s visit had to do with negotiations for new national security relations demanded by the Biden White House,

Before those visits, the US government had demanded that Mexico rethink its security strategy and had requested the arrest for extradition purposes of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes El Mencho, head of the Jalisco Nuevo Generación Cartel, and Ovidio Guzmán López, son of El Chapo and in charge of the trafficking of fentanyl to the United States for the Sinaloa Cartel, the deadly drug that has increased the death rate of addicts.

The Biden government has defined a new imperial national security strategy over Mexico, but at a time when Mexico has retracted its foreign policy and reduced its national security to mere public security approaches. On the international stage, the White House wants Mexico to be the retaining wall for Central and South America in terms of mass migration and drug trafficking. Trump subdued Mexico with threats of tariffs so that the Mexican National Guard would contain migrants from Suchiate and not reach Bravo.

Mexico’s relations with the United States have never been diplomatic or friendly. In 1969, President Nixon closed the northern border to cars to force Mexico to accept the US anti-narcotics rules, but after an embrace that occurred in a bilateral meeting with President Díaz Ordaz.

The US, and Mexico knows it very well, it has no friends, but interests.


Mexico Daily Post