Mexico illegal immigration crackdown detains over 90,000


The National Migration Institute detailed that the migrants came mainly from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, of which 20 percent were minors.

So far this year, the National Migration Institute has insured 90,850 migrants who could not prove their regular stay in the country and came, mainly from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, of which 20 percent of them were minors.

In the case of Honduran nationals, 37,237 were adults and 9,575 were minors; Among Guatemalans, 20,459 were adults and 5,674 were infants; of the Salvadorans, 5 thousand 995 adults and one thousand 420 children, and from other countries 9 thousand 409 corresponded to adults and thousand 081 to minors.

By gender, 24,062 were women and 66,788 men; while 17,750 of the total were girls, boys, and adolescents, and 73,100 were over 18 years of age. Among the minors, 13,736 were accompanied by an adult, and 4,014 were unaccompanied.

The INM highlighted that Chiapas is the entity where the highest number of migrants was registered, with 28 thousand 757; followed by Tamaulipas, with 12,823; Tabasco, 10,281; Baja California, 6 thousand 587; Veracruz, 5,420; Coahuila, 4,932, and among the states with the lowest percentage are Morelos, with 30; Michoacán, 26; Colima, 14, and Baja California Sur, 10.

Regarding the returns of foreigners, in the same period 42,067 have been recorded; Of these, 37,855 were by land (15,945 to Guatemala and 21,912 to Honduras), and 4,213 by air (2,464 to Honduras, 797 to El Salvador, and 816 to Guatemala).

Meanwhile, he reported that derived from 496 inspection operations in railway areas of the country, it was possible to identify 6,709 illegal migrants between January 25 and June 6: 2,838 in Tlaxcala, 802 in Tabasco, 534 in Oaxaca, 687 in Veracruz, 615 in Coahuila, 487 in Puebla, 366 in Querétaro, 188 in Hidalgo, 161 in San Luis Potosí and 31 in Chihuahua.

Through 109 road inspections and rescue operations in safe houses, the immigration authority has rescued from criminals -from January 25 to June 6- 8,484 foreign migrants of different nationalities.

28 operations stand out in Nuevo León, with the identification of 1,869 migrants; 18 in Veracruz, which made it possible to locate 1,520; 18 more in Tamaulipas, to save 1,477, and nine in Chiapas, with 1,308 foreigners.


Mexico Daily Post