Over 200 people unemployed in San Cristobal de las Casas after City Council suspended services


They assure that zoning in the area is mixed, even so, neighbors do not let them work, more than 200 people are unemployed

San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- Some 200 people working in restaurants with permission to sell alcoholic beverages were left without employment, after health authorities and the City Council suspended services, at the request of residents of the Guadalupe neighborhood, specifically four families who still live in the section of the Andador de Calle Real de Guadalupe, between Avenida Diego Dugelay and Cristóbal Colón.

In this regard, Antonio Arroniz said at a press conference that they are being harassed by the Neighborhood Committee of the Guadalupe Neighborhood and also by the municipal authorities, actions that have already led to the closure of several establishments, under the argument that they do not like their way of operating, “but we comply with all that is established by the sanitary and ecological standards, all municipal permits and in the case of noise we comply with the standard,” he said.

“The use of land is mixed, this is that house and business can coexist, so we consider that we can govern ourselves based on the rules of the commercial area, however, the Neighborhood Committee argue that they have been here for many years and who have been from San Cristobal for decades, they have rights, there are just four neighbors who are promoting this, led by Mrs. Mercedes Ozuna and I don’t know the others ”.

For his part, Elmar Sánchez denied that the action of the Municipal Government is due to electoral times, however, he stressed that the current Administration, which is of the National Regeneration Movement Party (Morena), has supported them the least, despite the fact that they were very affected by the pandemic and now several businesses are closing.

Finally, the businessman Fabián Camacho said that this could cause investment in San Cristóbal to be withdrawn and this would affect the generation of jobs since with the closure that they have suffered, some 200 people in total who depend directly and indirectly on the economic income generated by restaurants.

Source: elheraldodechiapas.com

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