The midterm elections in Mexico left us with a harsh electoral process that, apparently, will last several more days and, among several interesting facts of this year’s process, is that, for the first time, in the country, there could be up to seven governors making decisions in their states.

This would be the first time that, of the 32 states, seven could be headed by women. Currently, with Claudia Sheinbaum, who at the time was a candidate for Morena, and the PRI Claudia Pavlovich, in Mexico City and Sonora, respectively, only two women govern any state.

Who are the candidates who, according to the PREP of the INE of each state, are close to becoming governors ?


In Chihuahua, the candidate of the PAN / PRD alliance María Eugenia Campos Galván, better known as Maru Campos, adds 44.12% of the votes in the state, already with 74.35%, according to the INE.

Behind her, Morena’s candidate, Juan Carlos Loera, follows her with 30.57% of the votes computed until 8:00 a.m.

The 45-year-old lawyer was municipal president of Chihuahua, the state capital, from 2016 to 2021. Before, Maru Campos was a local deputy in the Chihuahua Congress from 2013 to 2016 and a federal deputy from 2006 to 2009.

According to the PREP, Maru Campos is emerging as the next governor of Chihuahua.  Photo: Cuartoscuro


In Baja CaliforniaMarina Ávila, candidate of the MorenaPT and PVEM alliance, is ahead of her contenders with a good advantage. With 83.08% of the votes computed in his state, until the last available cutoff at 7:15 am

Behind her, somewhat far away, are the businessman Jorge Hank Rhon, who launched with the PES and has 31.21% of the votes; while the fame of Lupita Jones was not enough for the PAN / PRI / PRD, as the former beauty queen barely reached 11.77% of the votes.

Marina Ávila is a lawyer and, before running for governor, was a deputy from District 2 of her state, she asked the Congress of the Union for a license to campaign.

The preliminary results of the elections in Baja California suggest that Marina Ávila will be the next governor.  Photo: Victor Media |  Darkroom


Morena’s candidate in CampecheLayda Sansores, is the one who has the most difficult time on this list: until 9:20 am, with 68.23% of the tally sheets, she has 33.14% of the citizen votes; However, she is followed closely by the candidate of the Citizen MovementEliseo Fernández Montufar, with 31.70%; and the PAN / PRI / PRD candidateChristian Mishel Castro Bello, with 30.85%.

The full name of the candidate is Layda Elena Sansores San Román and she has been a senator (a very good senator), a federal deputy, and now seeks to govern Campeche.

The 2021 elections in Campeche are the closest and Layda Sansores leads by a very small percentage.  Photo: Michel Balam |  Darkroom


The one who already joins the list of governors in Mexico is Índira Vizcaíno because, with 100% of the minutes computed until 9:37 a.m., according to the PREP page in Colima, the representative of Morena / Nueva Alianza , surpassed her contenders with 32.92%; The one who came closest to him was the PAN / PRI / PRD candidate , Mely Romero Celis , who obtained 27.52%.

Índira Vizcaíno, 34, was municipal president of the municipality of Cuauhtémoc, Colima, between 2012 and 2015, and, for 2016, she was appointed secretary of Social Development of the state government. In 2018, she became a federal deputy but requested a license to be a delegate for Development Programs in her state.

Índira Vizcaíno is leading the PREP in Colima.  Photo: Tw @indira_vizcaino


Probably one of the most controversial candidates of the 2021 electoral process was that of Evelyn Salgado, since it was her father, Félix Salgado Macedonio, who has been accused by several women of sexual violence, who would be Morena’s candidate in Guerrero.

However, by not presenting pre-campaign expenses, and although they were going to give him a chance, he was out of the contest.

In her place was the 39-year-old lawyer, Evelyn Cecia Salgado Pineda, her daughter, who according to the PREP of Guerrero, leads her contenders for the governorship of the state.

With 35.34% of the minutes computed until 9:40 am, Evelyn Salgado has the advantage with 46.69% of the votes; It is followed by the candidate of the PRI / PRDMario Moreno Arcos, with 37.69%.

Evelyn Salgado, 'La Torita', won the Guerrero elections, according to the PREP of the INE.  In the photo, he is seen accompanied by his father, Félix Salgado Macedonio, who is accused of sexual violence against several women.  Photo: Dassaev Téllez Adame |  Darkroom


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