Sinaloa will return to a yellow Covid traffic light after the elections


The state Ministry of Health differs with the data of the Federation, maintaining a downward trend

Sinaloa.- After Sinaloa remained at the green epidemiological traffic light for a few weeks, from June 7 to 20, it will return to yellow, representing a medium risk, informed the Secretary of Health, Efrén Encinas Torres.

He commented that, as a state authority, they will abide by the instructions of the Federal Government. However, it differs from the local data as it maintains a downward trend and little hospital occupancy, fulfilling the criteria for the green color.

“Inform them that we received and saw the information on the evaluation of the Epidemiological Traffic Light for the state of Sinaloa, which according to the federal operation we are in yellow from June 7 to 20 at medium risk, which means discrete allowed capacity changes”, he pointed.

Encinas Torres, stressed that, in his own evaluation, Sinaloa should remain green, but when complying with the decision of the federation, he recalled that the care must always be the maximum on the part of the citizens.

He recalled that the epidemiological traffic light is unappealable by the federal authority and covers 10 indicators, among which are the effective reproduction rate, the incidence of estimated cases, hospitalized cases, percentage of occupied hospital beds, mortality rate, and positivity, among others.

The secretary of health specified that the information that the federal government takes to modify the traffic light is from 15 days ago, which does not mark the reality that the state is currently experiencing.

He explained that currently, in the state there is 91 percent availability in hospitals for the care of Covid-19 patients, however, mobility and the positivity index have risen, items that have to go down.

The yellow traffic light restrictions to start on June 7 will be reduced capacity, all activities (essential and non-essential) can be carried out, but taking extreme care and considering the healthy distance.


The Mazatlan Post