Cadereyta de Montes, stunning beauty in heart of Queretaro (VIDEO)


Cadereyta was designated as Pueblo Mágico in 2011.

The municipality of Cadereyta de Montes is the second most extensive in the state of Queretaro.

The city was founded in 1640, and received its current name in two stages: first in 1642 in honor of Viceroy Don Lope Díez de Armendáriz, marqués de Cadereyta, and then in 1904 after the lawyer Ezequiel Montes.

From its conception during the Spanish rule of Mexico, the city was intended to become quite important. It received the status of Alcaldía mayor in 1689, thus becoming the dominant city in this part of the state. It was a post from which the main trade routes were defended from attacks by the indigenous people of the Sierra Gorda.

A famous greenhouse called Finca Schmoll is in the city, preserving a large collection of desert plants open to the public.

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In Cadereyta de Montes you can camp, go hiking, visit its caves, archaeological sites, and colonial architecture; as well as enjoy its natural beauty without comparison

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