Up to 5 million Mexicans would be vaccinated in the US with the land border open


The reopening of the border between the US and Mexico, estimated for June 21, would intensify vaccination tourism; it is expected that in the summer season it will increase an extra 30%.

Vaccination tourism promoted by some places in the United States has led about 500,000 Mexicans to travel to those places and be inoculated against Covid-19; however, a possible opening of the land border would raise the figure to 5 million , according to the Association of Culture and Tourism of Latin America (Actual).

“If the border (between the United States and Mexico) opens, we could reach the 5 million Mexicans who will go to be vaccinated there because by land the flow would be much greater compared to the air route . The border states will take the opportunity to vaccinate their families because both the airfares increased their cost and the cost of lodging and people cannot go so easily, ”explained Armando Bojórquez, president of Actual exclusively for Forbes Mexico.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE), non-essential travel restrictions across the land border between the United States and Mexico will remain in place until June 21.

As of February, the interest of Mexicans to carry out vaccination tourism in the United States began to grow, until now it is estimated that almost 500,000 Mexicans have been immunized in this country, with a growth of 400% in recent months.

By February 2021, the main cities served in the transportation of passengers between Mexico and the United States in regular service were: Dallas / Fort Worth (11.9%), Houston (10.4%), Los Angeles (9.7%), Chicago (9.6%) and Denver (5.3%), according to data of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

However, the summer holidays that include July 10 to August 29 would be the strongest season for family vaccination tourism with an extra increase of 30%, reaching 2 million immunized Mexicans in the United States, according to with Actual.

“It will be a season where families go to the United States to get vaccinated and some will even stay until they receive the second dose; many will stay for long periods and are renting apartments through platforms, up to three or four weeks, “added Bojórquez.

Likewise, at the Latin American level, interest in vaccination tourism has intensified, especially in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela, nations that register a significant number of citizens who have been immunized in the American Union.

“There are some countries that are restricted in the number of flights and that means that many cannot go to the United States due to lack of connectivity and do not have the possibility of being vaccinated, but as the United States opens up to this easy and unrestricted vaccination, America has made overflows as a great vaccination alternative “, concluded the president of Actual.

2 × 1: US Vaccination Tourism and Recreation

Estefanía Apreza, a 27-year-old professional, visited Los Angeles with eight relatives from May 21 to 24 after considering the United States as a safe place to travel and tourism after more than a year of confinement.

He received the first and only dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at one of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English), where he says that only identification and passport were required.

“We were a total of eight of my relatives; three cousins, my sister, my cousin’s girlfriend, my uncles who are already vaccinated, and myself, but everyone else was going to get vaccinated. It was not my first time in the United States but it was in Los Angeles and that’s why I took advantage of it. “

The approximate cost of each person was approximately 15,000 Mexican pesos for a short stay where the only dose of J&J was applied.

“The main objective at the beginning was to know and then as time progressed and we saw that it was going to be very difficult for those under 30 years of age to be vaccinated, so the main thing was the vaccine.”

Mexicans are driving a new trend: traveling safely

Since the first months of 2021, the trend of vaccination tourism has gained strength in Mexico and Latin America, with a growing interest particularly from young people who are traveling more and are even concerned about hiring travel assistance insurance when taking an international flight.

“We have been increasing our numbers by 25% to 30% each month: in the first four months of 2021 we sold the same as almost all of 2020 and we take into account that from January and February tourism began to massify. of vaccination, “said Carlos Bricka, Country Manager of Assist Card Mexico in an interview for Forbes Mexico.

The manager pointed out that the growing concern of travelers regarding their health and safety when traveling to the United States is notable, in addition to the fact that 70% of the search for these assistance cards are sought for destinations in the United States such as Miami and New York.

“Today, travel assistance has become an essential product, for a long time the passenger doubted in acquiring some other type of service so as not to enter another assistance expense. Now we see that the passenger thinks that passenger assistance is essential ”, concluded Bricka.

Source: forbes.com.mx

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