17 dead and 5 police injured in clashes in Sinaloa


Subjects aboard 4 vans attack municipal police in Mazatlán and 17 are killed; shooting between antagonistic groups left 2 dead.

On Friday night, 17 alleged criminals died after a confrontation between antagonistic groups and an attack against the Municipal Police of Villa Unión, Sinaloa, said the Undersecretary of Public Security, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo in a statement.

At the junction of Aguaje Costilla and federal highway number 15, elements of the Municipal Police were attacked by subjects who were traveling aboard four vans.

In this event, the municipal forces killed 17 alleged criminals, and, according to Castañeda Camarillo, five policemen were also injured, of which two have a “chaff” on the head, two more have leg injuries, and one more in an arm.

At the scene, the authorities seized 3 civilian vehicles and two police trucks. The state prosecutor’s office said that so far it is not found that the units have a report of theft but it is still being verified in order to guarantee that the license plates were not altered.

Authorities also seized 16 rifles, including 11 type AK 47s , a shotgun and seven short weapons.

Source: aristeguinoticias.com

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