Water from the bay of La Paz is analyzed for possible contamination


La Paz, Baja California Sur (OEM-Informex) .- After the professional swimmer Renate Herberger carried out an environmental protest last Saturday, swimming from the Malecón Kiosk to the place where the mega cruise ships are anchored in the Bay of La Paz said that he did not find marine life, a situation that worries him and said that samples were taken in the area, which will be analyzed to determine if there is any contamination in them.

“It was 22 kilometers, I arrived a bit worried and sad because I only saw a fish, two herds of sardines and a manta ray, I could not see a dolphin, or an orca or whale, it is the result of having these monsters here, I was surprised by the temperature because it rises like 2 degrees and this change in temperature affects wildlife a lot, the noise is very loud, it is a constant vibration that affects and alters everything ”.

The swimming world champion arrived in La Paz with the purpose of doing a swim in favor of marine life, surrounding the mega cruises to take samples of contamination and gather evidence of the spills that these vessels are causing, they hope that a few months they can gather the evidence with the team that accompanied him on his journey.

Without disclosing the names of those who will be in charge of the studies, she commented that it will take time to have the results, however, she mentioned that the damage to marine ecosystems may be closer than we think ”.


She stressed that the situation is alarming since a cruise ship consumes oil equivalent to a million cars and does not understand why they are allowed to be parked for so many days, she assured that this activity was not for political purposes and he does not intend to blame someone he only hopes to draw attention to the Bay not being used as a parking lot anymore.

“I am concerned about whale sharks, they leave when they see cruises and it affects the industry of those who live here, of locals that dedicate themselves to tours and if these cruises are here for October November the whale sharks will not return for the great noise, it is time to protect our sea, the beings of the sea, there are few places where you can swim with whale sharks, there are people who wait their whole lives to swim with one, and a parking lot can end this “.

She finally called on the public to continue expressing her concerns in favor of the environment.

Source: El Sudcaliforniano

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