Mazatlan residents demand noise enforcement in the Historic Center


Alfredo Gómez Rubio warned that, if this “relaxation” continues, the quality of life in Mazatlán could be lost and some investments “fall”

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the tourist “boom” that Mazatlán is experiencing, noise enforcement is necessary for the Historic Center, because for months the noise has not let the neighbors sleep, reported Alfredo Gómez Rubio.

Se hartan del ruido y protestan en el Centro Histórico de Mazatlán | Lo  relevante | Noticias | TVP | TVPACIFICO.MX

The president of the Historical Center Project asked the authorities to enforce the traffic and noise, that the aurigeros, pulmonia drivers and razorz be more sensitive with load music, because they are “kidnapping” the city, by the way of providing the service with complete disregard to those living in the historic center

They ask to order traffic and noise in Plazuela Machado. 

“Mazatlecos themselves are getting angry in a certain way by the lack of respect for the city and that happens in the Historic Center because its residents practically sleep on the sidewalks, our bedrooms are attached to the sidewalks, we need support, that all the agencies involved help us regulate and order traffic and noise, “he said.

He commented that it is not worth having the rest of the downtown residents move of that area for the sake of the good time that Mazatlan is experiencing, however, they are very much in time to do things and that has been asked of those who could be the new rulers.

Gómez Rubio warned that, if this “relaxation” continues, there is a risk of losing the quality of life in Mazatlán and that some investments will “fall”.

“Imagine that the people who buy a condominium and those investments are put at risk because Mazatlán has become a bit of a mess, I think what we need is order at all levels,” he reiterated.

The restaurant businessman pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic has been very hard for the sector, since they acquired many debts during the closing of business, even some closed because they could not maintain operating expenses.

“There goes the recovery, in December of last year we had a fall, but as of February it was increasing and in May there is surprisingly a lot of national tourism traffic, the strategies carried out by the state government for tourism have been very good”, concluded.


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