Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya restaurants suffer extortion


They ask for the prompt intervention of the competent authority to reduce this crime

After the attack on Boston’s restaurant, possibly related to an illicit act of extortion, Canirac announced that more establishments of this type are facing the same problem.

According to Juan Carlos Hernández Cabrera, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac) in the Riviera Maya, there is a concern in the sector for which he calls for the prompt intervention of the competent authority to reduce this crime that it affects hundreds of establishments in this business line.

” Some restaurants have been known (…) people have looked for us … the reality is that yes, there are concerns of some owners and we only communicate it to the authorities, we channel them so that they give them the support they deserve” Hernández Cabrera lamented.

In this sense, he commented that the extortion attempts have occurred through various means, he also emphasized this situation that not only occurs in Playa del Carmen but throughout the state.

” It is unfortunate the situation of insecurity in which the state and Playa del Carmen area, where organized crime has been operating in this way with different restaurants, with different types of businesses, it has already been doing the modus operandis trying to put fear and in this way to collect the extortion fee ”, commented Hernández Cabrera.

Derived from the shooting attack on the Boston’s restaurant on Sunday night, it announced its closure on the same night that the incident occurred, although at noon on Monday, in a new statement, it reported that the opening should take place today, Tuesday, June 1.

In the statement, he reported that around 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, just when a final of a soccer tournament was taking place at the national level and he was seen in that establishment, they were attacked with bullets directly to the place.

There were no injuries, however, the authority closed for several hours the intersection of Constituents avenue and 115, where the business is located.


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