Difficult situation for street musicians in La Paz


Sources of income for many musicians have been nil or almost nil during the pandemic

La Paz, Baja California Sur .- Difficult situation for the enjoyment of street music in the face of the pandemic. The sad reality of a world without live music, where very few local artists can enjoy this benefit in order to basically survive this Health Contingency that has hit them hard in their live shows. Paceño musicians assured that Music is the food of the soul, assured Misael Murua and Eduardo Juárez, La Paz artists who promote this beautiful ancient art.

Misael Murua, Eduardo Juárez, and other La Paz musicians used to work in many gigs, in different events where the influx of people was daily and even normal, synonymous with a successful turnout under the applause of a happy and euphoric public, however, the new scenario under the inclemency of the pandemic assumes little capacity, a very select and small audience, and large, spacious and open-air venues.

The sources of income for the musicians were practically nil, with immediate cancellations and a murky future, many local artists and musicians were left without employment, without income, without functions, without events, which obviously affected their economy and their source of income. income, causing a direct impact on them.

Eduardo Juárez who plays the tuba and sings from an early age, before the pandemic he went to where he was invited to play in northern groups, bands and different types of versatile music accompanied by his instrument, in addition to creating music and composing some songs in this artistic task of creating musical art for the enjoyment and delight of people.

Misael Murua, expressed: “Keep supporting this art, to the people who do it with their hearts, to those who want to and even study it to create something beautiful, because there are other people who wander and who are hurting, who are asking for money by bothering people who are eating, but it is not about that, it is about sharing this art with citizens so that they can enjoy it ”.

“There is a big difference between a music that comes, they play you and you like it, that you enjoy, you can contribute, you can cooperate well if you liked it, that contribution will be that good music continues to be made, continues to be created, improves its quality . On the contrary, if you don’t like something, don’t contribute it, don’t cooperate, because you don’t like it so that it doesn’t happen ”.

“Come and enjoy the places that have tables, places in the open air where we can enjoy good street music. Here we go every day trying to provide music, the companions that we are looking for daily, who value this culture, which is the music that they enjoy more than anything ”. I mention Eduardo who plays classical guitar and also sings.

A life without musicians

“It is difficult to imagine a life without musicians, imagine a life without very sad music, very different from what we have now because not all music is for parties, there is music to go through the duels, the losses, the sadness, the absence. it is what we musicians do to try to offer something that is born to us that excites us and that we enjoy a lot, for people who are born to enjoy ”. Murua commented.

These La Paz musicians stated that music is the food of the soul, that man and humanity do not live on bread alone. Music is a universal manifestation since ancient times, perhaps some genre does not excite us so much, but it is impossible to live without music without this art that expresses the feelings of a people.

Source: elsudcaliforniano.com.mx

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