Cancun: Young people from Quintana Roo, the most prone to Covid

PUERTO MORELOS, QUINTANA ROO, 01AGOSTO2020.- Un joven disfrazado como la muerte recorre las playas públicas de este municipio invitando a los turistas y locales a regresar a sus casas. La zona norte del estado continua en semáforo naranja por lo que las playas están cerradas. FOTO: ELIZABETH RUIZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM

They report that on average seven out of 10 who take the test get a positive result.

Statistics from the Federal Ministry of Health revealed that the positivity index among young people in Quintana Roo is the highest in the Yucatan Peninsula since on average seven out of 10 who take the test obtain a positive result.

According to what is reported by the health authorities, the average rate of the population between 20 and 39 years of age is between 58.8 and 74.8%, being higher after 30 years of age.

Likewise, from this age range, 12 thousand 393 positive infections to SARS-CoV2 have been diagnosed, which represent 46.5% of the 26 thousand 607 patients identified from March 2020 to May 2021.

In the case of the state of Yucatán, the index is between 39.8 and 50.6% of the suspects, while in Campeche it is barely 30%.

Carlos Joaquín González, Governor of Quintana Roo, indicated that this sector of the population is the one that is being most affected by the virus, after the advance of vaccination in the elderly, teachers, pregnant women, and adults over 50 years of age.

“In the analysis of the traffic light we saw a graph showing that in the last month, between April and May, those who have fallen ill and who represent 200 or 240 cases in one day are young people,” he said.

He pointed out that up to 18 years of age the number of affected is low, but when passing to the group between 24 and 26 years old the number is high and continues like this until reaching 42-year-old citizens, which is when the percentage begins to decrease. according to the Secretary of Health in Quintana Roo.

“Most of them do not have direct symptoms or do not require a greater degree of medical attention or hospitalization and perhaps that is the reason why we are having a greater number of infected and a lower number in the hospital occupancy index”, He said.


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