Lake Chapala shelter under investigation for trafficking in minors to foreigners


Maricruz Gómez has been fighting for seven years for her daughter, who was illegally given up for adoption in 2014 to an American.

Maricruz pelea por la custodia de tres de sus hijos. (María Ramírez)

The Amor en Acción private shelter in Chapala presumably serves as a place where child trafficking, abuse, and child pornography operate, in addition to the fact that financing and adoption occur irregularly, said the legal representative of Maricruz, mother three. minors and who has been fighting for her daughter for seven years, who was illegally given up for adoption in 2014 to an American.

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“They have not allowed me to live overnight with my children. I have asked it many times in court, but I have never been heard. All the writings and what I ask are just filed, I filed a lawsuit against the shelter and they just filed the complaint away, “said Maricruz Gómez.

Since 2014, when she asked the shelter for support to take care of her children in the mornings while she worked, they have not wanted to return three of her children. They invent crimes against her such as child abuse and abandonment.

She also assured that the Chapala authorities have knowledge about what is happening inside the place, but they do not say anything.

Currently, Maricruz is fighting for the custody of three of her children, 12-year-old Alfredo and 10-year-old Camila, whom she sees only on weekends, and 7-year-old Yaica, who was put up for adoption to a foreigner when only six months. 

Legally the first two minors are under the care of the Office of the Attorney for the Defense of Minors and the Family.

Alfredo and Camila seek to be given up for adoption to the foreigners of Chapala, so they took advantage of the fact that both sought to return to the shelter after a family argument.

The legal representative of the mother assured that at no time were the rules to act in this case respected, which makes him suspect that he has a particular interest in the minors.”

Legal custody orders his seizure and he is legally re-admitted to that same shelter, we obviously have a well-founded fear that at the end of the day it will be a perfect move for them because we had to listen to minors the following week and retain the minor,” Gustavo explained. Pimienta, lawyer and representative of Maricruz.

Faced with the series of negligence on the part of the prosecuting authorities, they request the inspection of the shelter.“We ask the competent authorities to initiate an investigation. but thoroughly against the shelter and its representatives because they are acting against terms of the law, “said the lawyer.


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