Mazatlan neighbors complain about the construction noise they’ve had for months


They accuse that they carry out the construction of a property, that they are not respecting the permits either; They request the intervention of the municipal authority

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In the not bear the noise, which prevails at all hours of day and nightincluding the Sundays, according to neighbors refer streets Jesus Carranza and baterias on Cerro El Vigia, following the construction of a new building in the area, this Wednesday ‘thundered’ and called the municipal authority to act.  

Miguel Villa Panduro, president of the Association of settlers of the Cerro del Vigía of the port of Mazatlán, explained that for several months, they began with the construction of a building, and the neighbors adjacent to this work, no longer can not even be calm inside from their houses, or sleep at night, because the noise is strident and at all hours. 

“They are working until 11:00 at night, every day, we talk with the builder, and we ask him not to do it, and he tells us they are contracts that I make with other companies, and the other is that they work on Sundays too, so it is a ‘noise’ that we constantly have until 11:00 at night on Sundays, it is something that we want to talk about here, that they stop that construction that is out of permission ”. 

The discomfort of the people is evident more and more, even some who are carrying out work through their computers prevents concentration, and although in writing they have already requested the intervention of the Planning and Urban Development direction, there is still no clear answer. 

“Our complaint is about a construction in Battery 7 there in Cerro del Vigía, where first they are not respecting what the construction permit says, they are raising another third floor, we have resorted to the inspectors, two inspectors have gone, nothing happens We have requested in writing, there are already two writings, that the authority intervene ”. 

A group of neighbors went to the Municipal Palace on Wednesday to personally expose the City Council Secretary to this situation and there is an immediate response, since not only the environmental noise of charioteers, pneumonia that have suffered for a long time but now a construction site of a new property that broke with the tranquility of the area.   


The Mazatlan Post