How much money do you make if you rent your house for a movie or series?


MEXICO CITY.- The film and audiovisual production industry is constantly in search of new locations for its projects.

Television, film, and advertising producers look for the best fit spaces to tell their stories; These scenarios vary depending on the needs of the narrative.

The locations are as important to a movie as the script, the actors, or the direction. These landscapes can become another character in the story and enhance its plot and action.

Any place or space can be a suitable place to film. It all depends on the budget and the objective of the audiovisual creators.

Given the permanent need to find the perfect settings for audiovisual projects, new business opportunities arise. Renting your house, restaurant, building, or apartment as a location for this type of project can be a good way to earn extra income.

In the world of the seventh art, everything fits: from old houses with a haunted vibe to luxury penthouses, through semi-presidential mansions and social interest apartments. No matter what the characteristics of your property are, any place is a good location.

Our country is very diverse and offers a large number of locations, which can be adapted to the project of each filmmaker. There is a location for every need. Your house can be part of film production and apart from leaving you an extra profit ”, affirms Mauricio Almeida, Founder, and CEO of Scouter, a location search platform.

How much money can you earn by renting your house?

Renting your property for the filming of a movie, music video, commercial or some other production can bring you the satisfaction of seeing your property on the screen, in addition to economic retribution.

The payment for renting your house is variable: it depends on the hours that the recording day lasts, the characteristics of the location (such as its space, the decoration, and whether there is natural light), and accessibility for the production team.

There is no price tag for renting your house and turning it into a movie set. In most cases, the negotiation takes place between individuals: the owner of the property proposes a price and the party interested in renting the location accepts or presents a counter offer.

Remember during filming there may be an increase in the use of electricity, water, etc. services of your property and that damage to your property can be caused during the working day.   

In addition to large production companies, film and communication students, as well as freelancers, look for accessible locations where they can carry out their projects. Those who rent their spaces, in turn, seek to obtain greater projection and receive a fair payment ”, adds Almeida.

How can I rent my house for a location?

To rent your house as a location for a movie there are a few options. The interested party can try to contact a production company directly to be included in their databases; however, there are other simpler, direct, and secure options, such as a platform like Scouter.

On this platform, you only have to share your property, send an email with the name and photos of your location. Then you will receive a form in which you will have to complete information such as capacity, services, size of the place, location, price, among other details of the location.

Once you complete this part of the process, the Scouter team will send you a screenshot to show what your location would look like on the website. This platform directly connects the owners of the venues with the productions and does not ask for a registration fee.

Property owners can impose their conditions to rent the space and have the last word when accepting or rejecting a project.

The platform offers legal certainty to those who rent as well as to the owners and protects both parties with damage insurance of up to one million pesos. So if you need extra money, renting your house as a location can be a very good option.


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