Mazatlán, one of the most affected with FAA demotion to category 2


Jorge García Félix mentioned that the fact that Mexico is put together with countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Ghana, and Venezuela, generate a significant impact on connectivity

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The degradation to category 2 of Mexico before the Federal Administration of Aviation of the United Statesobey to the American country seek to protect the tourism and domestic trade, to the situation that in consequence of the pandemic, said Jorge Garcia Felix. 

The president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic in Mazatlán, Coparmex, mentioned that the reasons are not clear, however, this situation affects entities that live from tourism such as Sinaloa, particularly the municipality of Mazatlán since this limits connectivity and its increase for states of the American Union. 

“Speaking of Mazatlan here, then an uncertainty, a lack of competitiveness, which is precisely what we mentioned, that is, what we want is more flights, not fewer flights, we would have to analyze what were the reasons for this degradation and how we can fix it” . 

He explained that, with this FAA certification, in which it is ensured that Mexico does not comply with the safety standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization, which from October 2020 to February 2021 detected several areas of non-compliance, uncertainty is generated. Faced with a scenario that is expected, it will be remedied as soon as possible, since otherwise, it will not be possible to reach agreements on new routes. 

García Félix added that, in a clear context, this could be due to the fact that airlines are losing money as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and this measure could be to protect their domestic market since American tourism is number one against everything. abroad, however, this violates free trade and friendship agreements with countries. 


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