Dulce María Represents Oaxaca in the National Chess Games


JUCHITÁN DE ZARAGOZA, Oaxaca.- Dulce María Matus García is originally from this Zapotec city, a third-grade student at Technical Secondary School Number 50, who at 14 years of age already knows what it is to classify to the highest stage of the Games Conade 2021 Nationals, so he is preparing hard to represent Oaxaca with dignity.

I started playing chess when I was 11 years old, motivated by the curiosity to know what the rules of the board were and the pieces with which the children of the Juchiteco Ecological Forum played, exposes in the talk with Xtremo news

What tournaments have you participated in?

I have been fortunate to participate from the beginning in different tournaments, highlighting the National Olympiad state stage 2018; the 2018 Benito Juárez National and International Cup, the 2020 Conade National Games (bronze medal); Heriberto Terrazas National tournament, online where I obtained the gold medal in the Under 14 category.

Na Shnana Sunday tournament, online, free category, achieving third place; state stage of the 2021 CONADE Games, obtaining second place; in this same year the regional – national stage (hybrid) obtaining second place.

How do you combine studies and sports?

I organize my time to be able to study in the morning, do my homework with great responsibility, finishing, I give my time to receive my chess courses, always seeking to assimilate each of the knowledge of the group of coaches of the ARAI Club to which I belong.

What does it mean to be selected?

It is a very great satisfaction, but at the same time it is a great responsibility since it is to represent Oaxaca, to demonstrate the level of chess that we have, and that if we prepare we are capable of achieving a medal which is what we aspire to.

Who have supported you in your preparation?

Lenin Salvador Velázquez, instructor Gilberto Ayax Velázquez Toledo, instructor Siu Yaen Vicente, and professor Prisciliano Gómez Cuevas, instructor and president of the ARAI Club; Thank you all for your support in the same way to Professor Sergio Sánchez Martínez, president of the Association of Chess Players of the State of Oaxaca.

What lessons has chess left?

That constant and continuous work is what gives results, that patience and perseverance are important in all activities, fair play and respect for the rival must always prevail.

Source: nvinoticias.com

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