Scattered and without support, migrants continue to arrive in the city of Oaxaca


Dozens of migrants are scattered in the city of Oaxaca.

They wander around the bus terminals looking for something to eat and in some cases, how to sleep.

They set up their tents in one of the spaces on the streets or go from one place to another, aimlessly.

They hope to continue their journey to the United States but complain that there is no control over bus ticket prices.

After the closure of the mobility center in San Sebastián Tutla, they continue to arrive, but each one for themselves.

A group of migrants, mostly of Venezuelan origin, set up their tents to spend the night in the Morelos garden in the city of Oaxaca.

The migrants who were there mentioned that due to the lack of a place to arrive and transfer to Mexico City, many chose to stay in the city of Oaxaca.

They mentioned the abuses of the transportation lines that have increased the cost by more than 100 percent.

“A ticket that costs $400 pesos, they sell it to us for a $1000.”

They considered that this delays of their trip is because they do not always have the money for all the tickets, especially when those traveling are members of the same family.

They asked the Oaxaca government to facilitate their transit and prevent further abuse.

According to estimates, about 400 migrants pass through the city of Oaxaca daily, and even when they are passing through, they require services that are often not available.

In some places in the city of Oaxaca they are prohibited from setting up their tents and there are people who ask them not to stay near their homes.

Source: Quadratin